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Parents of students enrolled at Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School will:

  • Provide moral guidance in nurturing the spiritual foundation of the child
  • Model the behavior and attitude of Jesus Christ
  • Treat students, faculty, staff, administrators and other parents with sensitivity and respect
  • Respect confidential issues that may arise during volunteer time at the school
  • Abide by the policies and guidelines set forth in the Parent/Student Handbook

Parent Cooperation

As partners in the educational process, one of the goals of Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School is for parents, administration and school staff to work together in forming and educating our children. As collaborators with parents, we welcome constructive feedback for the betterment of the school. However, we expect that such criticism or feedback be given in a respectful manner. The principal and the pastor reserve the right to require a parent to withdraw the child/children if the parent’s conduct is in violation of such respect


The pastor, under the authority of the Archbishop, is the primary spiritual leader of the parish of which the school is a part. The Pastor delegates immediate direction of the school and its instructional program to the Principal, who leads the school in accordance with the policies of the Archdiocesan Catholic School Office and the School Advisory Council (SAC).

Volunteer ProgramsAthletic Commission

Members of the Athletic Commission, which operates according to approved by-laws, shall consist of the Athletic Director and representatives from each grade level in the school. The Principal and Physical Education instructor at Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School shall be ex-officio members. The term of service for grade representatives shall be two years subject to reappointment for two more years. The Athletic Director is appointed by the Principal and will coordinate the athletic program for Bishop John Carroll Cathedral Academy. The Athletic Director, a voting member of the School Advisory Council (SAC), appoints grade level representatives with the approval of the Principal. Sport commissioners are chosen from among the Athletic Commission members. The purpose of the Athletic Commission is as follows:

To assist the Athletic Director in the organization of various league teams for participation in the CGSAA

To organize and implement fund raising activities to support the CGSAA sponsored team sports.