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As part of the educational mission of the Church, Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School exists to help students take on the mind and heart of Jesus Christ in order to follow His example of reforming and renewing the world with His values. These values include faith, hope, reconciliation, love, justice, courage, community, and service. We believe that the school is a unique Christian community that exists for children and that respects and celebrates the uniqueness of each child. Special care is taken to help children develop their potential for spiritual, moral, emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth.

We believe that an emphasis should be placed on living lives centered in Jesus Christ, with efforts directed toward integrating that faith in life.

We believe that, academically, students be stimulated to be intellectually curious and increasing responsible for their own learning. Emphasis is placed on the development of each child’s talents by providing a superior educational program, which integrates critical thinking and decision-making skills.

We believe that Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School should strive for excellence in its educational programs by providing curriculum programs current with educational theory and purpose, and by providing qualified and dedicated faculty and staff.

We believe that adults and children in the school community should model openness, understanding, acceptance, and sensitivity.

We believe that the children’s sense of beauty in nature and the arts and their own creativity should be awakened and nurtured.

We believe that the religious formation of children is accomplished through formal instruction and relevant religious experiences, including the celebration of Mass, which provide awareness and understanding about social justice, peace-making and respect for life.

We believe that children should be led to the gradual awareness of their roles in the mission of Jesus Christ and His Church. To that end, the importance of the person and the development of leadership must pervade the atmosphere and curriculum in the school.

Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School is fully accredited by the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (OCCSAA).

Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School is in full compliance with all requirements of the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Catholic Education Department.

The members of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish financially support Bishop John Carroll Cathedral School.