Dress Code

Dress Code 2018-2019

Students in Grades Pre-K - 8 are required to wear a uniform during the academic school session. The complete uniform is to be worn each day unless otherwise specified by the administration.  If the uniform is not worn or is incomplete, the parents will be notified and asked to pick up their child and dress him/her appropriately.

General Uniform Regulations

  • Shorts may be worn in place of dress pants during the months of August, September, October, April, and May, except on Mass days.
  • Navy Cardigan & Navy sweatshirt sold at Dennis Uniform is Optional.
  • Uniforms are to fit properly; no baggy/oversized or undersized pants or other clothing are allowed.
  • Only solid white T-shirts may be worn under uniform shirts/blouses, and these garments are not to extend beyond the length of the uniform shirt/blouse.
  • Pants and shorts with belt loops require a solid navy brown or black belt to be worn.
  • Socks must be visible above shoes.
  • Short, skirt, jumpers and dress lengths are to come to the top of the knee or longer.
  • All uniform should be purchased through Dennis Uniform, https://www.dennisuniform.com/schools/BABJCR

Outerwear. When weather permits, Bishop John Carroll School spirit wear, ie.sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, or pullovers may be worn with the uniform in the classroom. The navy Dennis Uniform cardigan or sweatshirt with the school logo may be worn during Mass. NO OTHER SWEATSHIRTS/HOODIES ARE TO BE WORN DURING MASS. These are the only outerwear garments allowed to be worn in the classroom. Proper uniform shirts/blouses must be worn under the sweatshirt/hoodie.

Shoes. Tennis shoes are required as they offer the best protection against falls during activities. They must be white, navy, gray, black, red or royal blue (as close to solid color as possible). No light-up or roller tennis shoes allowed. Shoelaces must be white or the solid matching color of the shoes. Sperry’s may be worn in solid leather only. No sparkles, print or plaid. Other rubber-soled shoes, such as loafers, are appropriate. No black rubber or thick soles allowed (as they leave marks on the floors). No sandals, high-heels, deck shoes, Uggs, Toms or cowboy boots are to be worn at any time. Writing on shoes is prohibited. Girls may wear black or brown Mary Jane’s with socks on Mass days only.

Spirit Day Uniform. On Bishop John Carroll School Spirit Days, the students may wear blue jeans or blue jean shorts, BJCCS T-shirts and dress code appropriate shoes. Jeans and jean shorts must fit properly—no baggy/oversized, low-rise or undersized jeans or shorts are allowed.  Spirit days are typically the last Friday of the month; however, these days may vary throughout the year, so it is necessary to watch for letters from teachers and administrators for specific dates.

PTO Uniform Buy-Out Days (Scrip or Fundraiser). Students who qualify may dress out in the clothing of their choice (except Mass days) on designated days, as long as it is seasonally appropriate and proper attire. Shorts may only be worn during August, September, October, April & May (except Mass Days).

Grooming/Jewelry. Personal grooming and accessorizing should be appropriate to uniform dress. Students may not wear make-up, nail polish, necklaces or bracelets, limited to one of religious nature.


  • Hair must be clean, neatly combed, and natural color only. Bows or ribbons must be color-coordinated with the school uniform (red, white, or navy), and must not be of such a size or nature as to be distracting.
  • If ears are pierced, only ear posts may be worn. One earring per lobe.
  • One watch may be worn (Grades 2-8).


  • Hair must be clean, neatly combed, and modestly styled (no attention drawing designs or lines), natural color only, and not to extend over the top of the collar nor fall below the eyes.
  • Boys may not wear earrings.
  • One watch may be worn (Grades 2-8).

Fads. Each year there are a few things—including some “fads”—that show up at school. These, of course, cannot be listed, nor a regulation devised to specifically cover them. When a “fad” interferes with the appropriate learning atmosphere or becomes a nuisance, then that nuisance will be eliminated. When a “fad” violates the spirit of the dress code, it will be eliminated. Just because something is not covered in the handbook does not mean that it will be acceptable. The Principal will make that decision during the course of the year.

All school staff members will monitor student appearance. In the majority of instances, problems will be handled on the classroom level. In any questionable or recurring situation, the principal will make the final decision. The principal or designee may send students not properly attired or groomed home, and any school time lost must be made up by the student.