Coach Information

All coaches associated with Bishop John Carroll Cathedral Academy will follow the Bishop John Carroll Cathedral Academy Athletics Creed:

I BELIEVE sports have an important place in the general educational scheme and pledge myself to cooperate with others in the field of coaching to provide better opportunities for all participants.

I BELIEVE the other coaches of sports are earnest in their desire to keep the Bishop John Carroll Cathedral Academy program on the plane of citizenship training and I shall do all that I can to further their efforts.

I SHALL abide by the rules of the game in letter and in spirit.

I BELIEVE in the exercise of all the patience, tolerance, and diplomacy at my command in my relations with all players, co-workers, parents, game officials, and spectators.

I BELIEVE proper administration of all sports offers effective laboratory methods of development of high ideals of sportsmanship, qualities of cooperation, courage, unselfishness and self-control desires for clean, healthful living and respect for wise discipline and authority.

I BELIEVE these admirable characteristics, properly instilled by me through teaching and demonstration, will have a long carry-over and will aid each one connected with the sport to become a better citizen and Christian.

I BELIEVE in and will support all reasonable moves to improve athletic conditions, to provide for adequate equipment, and to promote the welfare of an increased number of participants.