Classroom Discipline

During the first few days of school, we took time during one of our classroom meetings to decide on our "Classroom Expectations" together.  Children suggested their ideas for these expectations, as I ultimately guided them to these six main points:

1. We will respect one another by using kind words.

2. We will keep our hands and feet to ourselves.

3. We will raise our hands before speaking.

4. We will listen when others speaking.

5. We will always try our hardest and do "First Grade Work" (our best work)

6. Have  FUN!


Failure to meet one of these expectations will be met with a consequence. Most minor infractions will result in either a verbal warning or clip down on the behavior chart.  All other infractions will typically match the nature of the misbehavior itself (ex: if a child uses unkind words, they will be asked to apologize and do something nice for that person; if they color on the desk they will be asked to clean it, etc.).  For serious misbehavior, a parent will be contacted and the principal will be notified.